In My Mind’s Eye


I inhale and take an enormous whiff of…what is that?..oh yeah…freedom. It smells like old book pages and endless cups of coffee I usually can’t drink. I push my hands through it and feel the smooth fluffiness of chilled blankets and sandy floors hot with the fiery sun. It’s so palpable that I can feel it days later when I leave this place. The place in my mind that consumes me and at the same time it’s not really there. And what does it look like you ask? Well, sometimes, it’s a beach. Or a bookstore. Maybe it’s so littered with the many things I can grab out of my imagination on a whim that I can barely fit inside. To anyone its an agglomeration of nonsensical waste. I see it as the most beautiful untouchable things that matter and stows a belief of someday.

Oh the sound you say? Musical aesthetics.



I’m soooo very very very late with this one but I’m finally able to do it: Day two’s assignment. I didn’t have a real place to write about so I chose the idea of what my end-goal in life looks like. Basically this is the result….so…yea. Next assignment here I come!


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